Opening a Brimar Net30 Account

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Opening a Brimar Net30 Account: Step 1

Fill out the online credit application.

Opening a Brimar Net30 Account: Step 2

Once your application is received, it will go through an approval process.

This approval process typically takes 5-8 business days depending on the response times of your trade references. When you are approved, you will receive an e-mail with your account number (10-digit alphanumerical code) and security code (4-digit number). Keep this information in a safe place as it is needed every time you order from

Opening a Brimar Net30 Account: Step 3

How to use your Brimar Net30 Account for the first time.

  1. Account is needed at checkout time.
  2. The Brimar Net30 option is available as another credit card option, only that it will ask for 2 numbers intead of 3.
  3. Account number is case sensitive, type account number as it was supplied to you by Brimar. (Upper Case or Lower Case)
  4. Security code is a 4-digit number.

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Already have an existing Brimar Net30 account with Brimar?

Setting up your existing Brimar Net30 Account for use on this website is easy. Simply call Brimar at 855-444-9479 or fill out the Contact Us Form to request your Brimar Net30 account to be set-up online as well.

We will then set up your account for use on, and email you your account number and security code. Make sure you save this information, since you will need it every time you order from this website. Once you've received this information, follow the steps above for using your Brimar Net30 account online.

What is my credit limit?

Your credit limit will be emailed to you along with your account number and security code. If you have lost this information or would like to confirm your limit, please contact Customer Service at 855-444-9479.

Forgot your Username or Password?

Contact Customer Service by phone toll free at 855-444-9479 Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern to resolve the problem.